Tiger Woods’ Masters Win Earned A Bettor In Las Vegas $1.2 Million

04.14.19 3 months ago

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Tiger Woods picked up his fifth green jacket on Sunday with a final round 70 to wake up the echoes at Augusta National. Woods winning another major was once thought to be a near impossibility as he suffered through setback after setback with his back injury.

Belief began to pick up a year ago, as he returned with a fused back and began to look a bit more like the Tiger of old, contending in big tournaments and, ultimately, winning the Tour Championship. Suddenly, Woods was no longer a long shot and found himself back near the top of the odds sheet for this year’s Masters at 14-1.

Woods winning was a massive liability for sportsbooks in Vegas and offshore, as multiple books were on the hook for more than a seven figure loss if Tiger donned the green jacket again. No book faced a bigger single bet liability than William Hill, which took a $85,000 bet on Woods at 14-1 at their book at SLS in Las Vegas, and on Sunday their worst nightmare came true.

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