Tiger Woods Is ‘Awake And Responsive’ After Major Surgery On His Right Leg

The sports world came to a halt on Tuesday afternoon when word broke that golf legend Tiger Woods had been involved in a severe, single-car accident in Los Angeles that saw his SUV roll multiple times off of the road. Woods had to be extracted from the vehicle by the L.A. fire department and was taken to the hospital where he had surgery on what his agent described as “multiple leg injuries.”

Woods’ injuries were deemed “moderate to critical” by authorities at the scene, but not life-threatening, as Woods was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident which very well saved his life. As the day wore on, numerous athletes from golf and beyond offered their support and prayers to Tiger as he was in surgery.

On Tuesday night, Woods’ team released a statement on his Twitter account providing an update on his status, noting he is “awake, responsive, and recovering” in his hospital room at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. It also included a full detailing of the surgery from the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, as Woods sustained numerous leg injuries that required various surgical procedures that were done on his right leg on Tuesday.

Given the extent of the injuries, it will clearly be a long road to recovery from Woods. The bone and muscle damage done by the crash is significant and extensive, but it seems from this update that they were able to take care of most everything on Tuesday in what seems to have been a lengthy surgery. Woods is now resting and it’s great news to hear that he’s seemingly doing about as well as one could hope given the horrific nature of the accident.