Tom Brady’s Hilarious Gigantic Coat Got Roasted By The Entire Internet

Listen, it gets cold in the northeastern part of the United States in January. If you want to stay warm, you’re sometimes going to need articles of clothing that makes you look completely ridiculous.

Tom Brady learned that the hard way during the Patriots’ AFC Championship Game matchup with the Steelers. According to, it’s in the 40s in Foxboro tonight and it’s windy, so Brady decided that he was going to rock an oversized coat on the sidelines.

It looks very warm, but Brady also looks pretty ridiculous. For this reason, the internet decided to pounce and make a whole bunch of jokes about the Patriots’ signal caller, including some references to Deflategate.

The big joke, though, involved Brady trying to sneak things into the stadium via his coat.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time that Brady busted this coat out – he wore the same thing during the Patriots’ playoff game against the Texans, too.

But back to today, there have been a ton of silly references that try to explain what Brady looks like. There is also a tweet that compares Brady to a refrigerator.

There was even a joke about Brady and his alleged support for Donald Trump.

Being the butt of jokes can be a nuisance, but at least Brady looks like he’s warm and comfortable. Sometimes, that’s really all that matters, even if you look silly.