Michael Bisping Has A Take On GSP’s New Physique: ‘He’s Been Impregnated By An Alien’

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04.26.17 3 Comments

Getty Image / Hayabusa

You know it’s an off-week from UFC action when the collective MMA community starts analyzing the bellies of fighters, but so it goes. Chuck Liddell had to endure this reality for years, now with GSP’s impending return at middleweight against Michael Bisping, all eyes are on his mid-region. It’s unavoidable. Every day we get closer to the fight, the marketing gets ramped up, which means only one thing — shirts are coming off and Michael Bisping is having fun with GSP’s new, 185-pound+(???) body.

In this video by GSP’s longtime sponsor, Hayabusa, the welterweight GOAT throws some strikes for the camera with what many are perceiving to be a bulging belly. It certainly looks like a biggish belly, but mostly, it just looks like the guy is breathing like a normal human. That said, this looks like a very different GSP after nearly a three-year layoff:

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