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Big ups to George, whom I casually met at the mile 33 rest stop on I-75 earlier this morning, for this announcement from Nicki Meyer, daughter of Florida football coach Urban Meyer and previously seen here. Nicki is breaking ranks from her dad, choosing to pass over an offer from his alma mater to play volleyball at Georgia Tech next fall. What she’ll be playing with in the winter is anyone’s guess.

“It’s funny because I already have that rivalry,” Nicki said. “I already hate Georgia, so it all works out.”

Nicki says that her dad does what he can to help with her volleyball, from trying to attend her games to helping her practice.

“He just hits it at me all day long − we did that all the time this summer when we were on vacation and stuff,” Nicki said. “He doesn’t know what he is doing, so I just tell him to hit it at me.”

The piece says Nicki is 5-foot-6, but Wikipedia says Nicki is only 17, which means most of you will totally lose interest in her in a matter of months. The bright side is that she may have finally settled on a hair color by then. Damn, girl, don’t you remember what Yoda said? Blonde or blonde not. There is no try. That was Yoda, right?

[Rivals.com (image from here)]

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