Vince McMahon’s Entertainment Company Has Filed For The Trademark To ‘XFL’

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It was rumored that Vince McMahon was pursuing bringing back the XFL. As it turns out, he may need to consult our ideas about what a new league should look like, as McMahon has reportedly taken a major step towards taking another stab at creating a football league.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, McMahon’s new entertainment company has started filing trademarks to acquire the name “XFL.” Rovell tweeted that Alpha Entertainment is pursuing five trademarks for the name of the league, which ceased operations after its inaugural season in 2001.

There could be other reasons beyond “Vince McMahon wants to start another football league” for this to happen. Maybe he just wants to get involved in XFL-branded merchandise or something, or maybe this is just an attempt to have the trademark(s) in his possession because he wants to have them. It’s completely plausible that McMahon is just doing this for the sake of doing it.

But with how rumors were swirling about his interests in reigniting the XFL, and with how McMahon is reportedly selling WWE stocks so he can fund his new venture, it’s hard to think that this is anything other than his company checking off an important box towards reaching that goal. If the league is reignited, though, hopefully McMahon can keep it from being a “colossal failure” this time around.