Von Miller Went On ‘SNL’ And Used Science To Taunt Cam Newton

Von Miller was put on this earth to make quarterbacks’ lives a living hell. Apparently, Miller has decided that he doesn’t want to terrorize any quarterback other than Cam Newton for the rest of his life. After upending Newton in the Super Bowl – partially thanks to a strip sack by Miller that led to a Denver touchdown – Miller decided to troll the Panthers on his Instagram account (and, honestly, since he was the Super Bowl MVP, he kinda could do whatever he wanted to right after the game).

Next up, Miller decided that he was going to team up with adidas and make a cleat that seems to be a direct shot at Newton. They look like they have something resembling kryptonite on them, and the caption for the shoes is “Everyone has a weakness.” Of course, Newton’s most famous celebration that doesn’t involve dabbing is this Superman celebration.

But for non-football fans, it may not be obvious that Miller has some kind of beef with Newton. To remedy this, Miller booked an appearance on Saturday Night Live in which he was supposed to talk about the existence of gravitational waves on Weekend Update – he majored in poultry science on Texas A&M, so he does have a science-based degree – but instead used it as an opportunity to talk about how he kept getting after Newton in the Super Bowl.

There are probably plenty of people who are getting kind of tired of Miller ragging on Newton, but it has been fun watching Miller think of different ways to make jokes at the MVP’s expense. We have no idea what he’s going to do next – honestly, he could show up at a Bernie Sanders rally and make fun of Newton and no one would bat an eye at this point – but this seems like something that Miller will talk about forever.