Von Miller’s Stolen Super Bowl Gear He Didn’t Know Was Missing Has Also Been Returned

A Super Bowl MVP got his stolen Super Bowl gear back with the help of the FBI. No, the other one.

Turns out Tom Brady wasn’t the only NFL star to get his gear stolen out of a Super Bowl locker room. Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller revealed on Wednesday that he got back his stolen helmet with the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The helmet was the one he wore when he got MVP honors and helped the Broncos win Super Bowl 50. Miller posted to his Snapchat a photo of him holding a Broncos helmet while standing next to three people. “Got my helmet back!!!” the caption read.

Later, the Broncos team account tweeted another set of photos confirming that Miller’s stolen helmet has been returned. This is the rare time news of a theft and its recovery comes all at once. We’ve all been taken on quite a journey here.

Miller himself didn’t realize his helmet was stolen until Brady’s jersey theft became big news. Once the feds found the guy who nabbed that, they found a few other things the thief had stolen and were able to return them.

The FBI already helped Tom Brady get back the jersey that was stolen after he and the Patriots came back to win Super Bowl 51. That’s two straight Super Bowl MVPs who have had their stuff stolen out of their locker room, which officially means on-field security for the event is at an all-time low.

It also means that next season, instead of saying “I’m going to Disney World,” the next MVP can say “I’m going to be contacted by the feds!” It would be more accurate, anyway.

(via The Score)