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I’ve spent all day trying to come up with a SpyGate joke for Bill Belichick inexplicably on stage singing Dead or Alive with Bon Jovi at some benefit in this undated video. And I got nuthin’. Charlie Weis, on the other hand…he’s no Ruben Studdard, that much is clear. I love how they do the White People’s “Let’s Go” Clap to try and get the audience into it. I keep waiting for a pickup truck to roll onto the stage with some voiceover about how long-lasting that brand of truck is. Wait, that was John Melloncamp. Wasn’t it? Anyway, if you manage to finish this entire video, pour yourself a pint because you probably need it.

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7. Matures/Elder Porn

Literal Meaning: Sex with a signifcantly older person. Yeah, it’s kinda gross.

Wiki Says: Nothing. And that’s probably a good thing.

Popular Advocates: Ashton Kutcher, Guy Ritchie.

10. POV

Literal Meaning: Porn shot with a camera technique to simulate the point of view of one of the participants. Fellatio is a common plot point in POV porn.

Wiki Says:

In a POV porn the man or woman receiving sexual gratification holds the camera himself/herself and aims it down at his/her genitals and the partner(s) who is/are pleasuring him/her. This is in contrast to having a separate camera crew filming the action

Popular Advocates: Tommy Lee, Jeff Gillooly, that guy with the night vision lens that banged Paris Hilton.

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