Wes Welker Was The Man Behind That Creepy Tom Brady Mask At A Pats Tailgate

Free agent wideout Wes Welker worked out with suspended New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during the week. On Sunday, he got inside his head for a bit.

Welker showed up at various Patriots tailgates in Foxboro wearing the incredibly unsettling Tom Brady mask before the Patriots hosted the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Welker mingled with the crowd for a bit before revealing his true form.

The mask has made the rounds this week, first appearing at University of Phoenix Stadium for New England’s opener against the Cardinals, then popping up on the set of The Today Show. Now, three weeks before Brady can actually show his face in Foxboro, the mask has arrived at Patriot Place.

Welker, of course, spent six seasons catching passes from the real Tom Brady. He isn’t currently signed by an NFL team, but he now has a steady job haunting my nightmares with that freakish mask. Unfortunately for him, the position does not pay very well.

And in case you were worried the creation of that mask was the result of some terrible blood sacrifice yes, the real Tom Brady is still alive and well. He played catch with Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh before the Wolverines hosted Colorado on Saturday.