What If The NFL Logos Took Steroids? Let’s Make All 32 Of Them… JACKED!

08.28.15 2 years ago 18 Comments


It’s that time of year, right as preseason is winding down, and players are getting caught taking performance enhancing substances. Well, okay, just LaRon Landry. Okay, he was caught months ago, but let’s be honest, he’s probably doing steroids right now.

Despite the League’s fierce crackdown on PED use, football will forever be stereotyped by stupid people as “a bunch of roided-up hulking brutes smashing into each other.” People will always assume that a sport full of freakishly gigantic athletes has rampant PED use. When players do get busted, nobody really seems too surprised, nothing like the fervor that gripped Major League Baseball fans. Plus, because steroids are medically useful for injury recovery, a sport that features injuries as heavily as football will always have some sort of close connection with steroids. Of course, now that Russell Wilson has discovered RECOVERY WATER (with healing #NANOBUBBLES), maybe steroid use can vanish completely.

But it made me wonder. What if the NFL embraced performance enhancers? Several bottles of alcohol later, we come to this. NFL logos if they took steroids. I hope you like biceps, because you are about to see a lot of biceps.






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