A ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Had To Be Reminded It’s A Family Show After This Guess

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11.30.16 8 Comments

When it comes to humorous misunderstandings in game shows, Family Feud stacks the deck. That’s perfectly alright seeing as Steve Harvey is incredible at reacting to an overexcited doofus uncle’s ideas about the American public, but there’s something more natural to the semi-rare Wheel of Fortune blooper. They’re not as bawdy as Feud‘s trademark confused contestant comedy goofz and that’s just fine. Snippets like the one nestled above work for us.

Captured on television by comedian and ex-View host Michelle Collins who promptly plunked the magic online for the world to see, this efficient game show clip features a contestant (from a team of two) buzzing in with the answer to this puzzle. Can you guess what it is, valued reader?

That’s right, it’s …

As you can tell from who won the money, the pair that buzzed in did not get the answer correct. To be fair, the (incorrect) answer provided matched the “Occupation” category comfortably and her response wasn’t all that outrageous outside the fact that Wheel of Fortune is about as controversial as a Coldplay album about boiled potatoes. (There’s a reason why Centrum advertises during Wheel and Lyle’s Sex Gel does not.) Soak it in for yourself.

(Via Michelle Collins)

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