World Cup Copy Contains Cocaine

07.06.10 9 years ago 7 Comments

A copy of the World Cup trophy was seized at the Bogota Airport in Colombia. The contents? You guessed it, cocaine. The trophy was a replica of the real one, and was meant to be sold as a souvenir. Too bad Colombia isn’t even in the World Cup this year, and hasn’t even qualified for the group stage since 1998.

A life-size replica of the World Cup was seized at the Bogota Airport in Colombia when it was found to be made of cocaine. The gold statue was coming from Madrid. –USAToday

Colombian soccer and cocaine have a long, and tragic history. The 1994 squad, arguably the best in the team’s history, felt extreme pressure from cocaine dealers who had bet on the team’s performance. The team’s poor performance that year lead to a player’s murder. Putting blow in the trophy the victim was desperate to win seems less than tact.

My thoughts exactly, Puppet LeBron.

Why were these criminal masterminds shipping blow to Colombia? Don’t they know where we get ours from there? I could understand them sending the drugs to Madrid, Spanish fans may need something to take the edge off after the Germany game.

I guess there’s no such thing as a smart drug dealer. They’re all dead, made up, or retired. If drug dealers were smart, drugs would probably be legal by now. Here’s some video of the bust.


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