You Can Apply To Play And Coach In The XFL On LinkedIn

The XFL is back and it knows which eight cities will host teams when the alternative football league kicks off in 2020. Now, fielding and coaching those teams seems to be the next priority for the Vince McMahon-led operation. A second crack at a competitor to the NFL may seem strange, but it’s 2018 and the world is slowly going insane. That means there are multiple NFL competitors that will respect the flag better and, maybe, offer some decent football for fans in St. Louis and Tampa Bay and Seattle.

But how do you find those players and coaches to fill out the respective rosters of those eight teams? A combine? A skills competition? Maybe camp outside NFL facilities and wait for transactions so you can scoop up free agents as they walk to their cars with cardboard boxes full of protein bars? Maybe! But let’s start with business social media sites first.

A job application form for players and coaches popped up on the XFL website this week, asking players to do what the rest of us have to do when we want a job: fill out a form, attach a resume and, yes, make connections on LinkedIn.

The oddness of all this probably won’t fade for a while, but it’s comforting to know that players who didn’t make the grade in the NFL are just like us. They have to justify why they want money and (maybe) affordable healthcare by answering tired questions about what makes them passionate about their career (see items listed earlier in sentence).

This also might be a good time to delete all the Muscular Garfield memes from your social media accounts, too.

Good luck to all the applicants out there on your future employment. Let’s reach out and connect on LinkedIn regardless of what happens. It’d be great to make a connection.