Dodgers Outfielder Yasiel Puig Spent A Day Working As A Barista In Los Angeles

Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig remains a treasure despite being a polarizing figure, especially for those that hate bat flips, baseball being fun and outfielders with hand cannons.

Puig has his moments of immaturity and fits of anger on the field, but he seems to genuinely love the opportunities to interact with fans. On Monday morning, Puig worked a shift at the Coffee Bean in Studio City and embraced it in a way only Puig can with his own hashtag (#PuigYourBarista).

Puig’s new co-workers seemed pretty thrilled to have the baseball star behind the counter.

And the Dodgers fans that popped in were really excited to get a coffee, autograph and/or picture from the Cuban sensation.

Because the internet is the internet there were plenty of people that cracked the very original “this is your future” joke on Twitter, which acts as though coffee shop employees aren’t the gears that really make the world go ’round. I mean, can you imagine the kind of disaster that would occur if people couldn’t scoop up a coffee on the way to work? The economy might literally shut down (I can promise you there would be no more sports writing, for good or bad).

Shoutout to Puig for having fun with PR photo ops and embracing the chance to hang out with fans, and a big shoutout to baristas and coffee shop employees for being the real MVPs every day.