Who Should Be The Next Dual-Role Star Of A Prestige TV Show?


The big trend in television right now is actors playing multiple roles in one show. We’ve had James Franco in The Deuce (playing brothers involved in the underworld, one of whom is trustworthy and serious and the other of whom is a huge screwup), we’ve had Ewan McGregor in Fargo (same, basically), and now we have J.K. Simmons in the new Starz drama Counterpart (as the same person in alternate realities, one of whom is a badass spy and the other of whom is a nerdy schlub). We also had Tatiana Maslany playing about two dozen characters on Orphan Black, a situation that probably makes her chuckle with amusement when any of the guys listed above discuss the difficulties of playing multiple characters on the same show. “Oh you only played two roles? How charming,” she probably says to them when they bump into her at Hollywood parties.

Anyway, the logical question this raises is: Who’s next? Who will be the next actor or actress to take on a dual-role in a prestige drama? Better yet, who should be? Well, luckily for you, I have compiled a list of options. It’s a good list. I am very serious about almost all of it. And even the parts I’m less serious about would still be fascinating. We’ve got 500 plus shows on the air. There’s room for at least a few of these. Let’s do it.