Adam Driver’s Holiday Shopping Has Been Sorted Out Thanks To Kylo Ren Action Figures

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Finding the perfect present can be a colossal pain in the ass. (Even with the gift guides we’ve been shamelessly peddling FOR YOUR BENEFIT.) That’s why the only sensible thing to do is give out action figures of yourself as a show of Christmas cheer. That’s what Adam Driver‘s been doing and it’s working out a-okay for the actor.

Driver offered up this gift giving strategy as a guest on the celebrities gettin’ goofy showcase known as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Speaking with the NBC late night staple, Driver agreed that it’s a little surreal to be given away as a Christmas present. Mind you, Driver’s decided that he can gift that too.

“I give it to people too, because I think it’s funny. Giving (the toys) to my adult male friends,” explained Driver.

Not that Jimmy Fallon would ever be considered a curmudgeon, but it was clear that he was even giddier than usual to chat with Kylo Ren. Come for the toy talk, stay for Fallon throwing in a MAXIMUM DAD Star Wars joke and enjoy an extended think about how great it’d be to own a Kylo Ren toy that was an Undercover Boss special edition.

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