Let Leslie Knope Show You How To Be The Champion Of Holiday Giving


The holiday season is about to wrap up, and most likely, you still have some presents to get. Between friends, family, and the other people in your life that you somehow accumulate, your list started off longer than you’d care to acknowledge, so there are still a few left to find. While there are some gift-getters that get the standard Christmas Candle, there are a lot of other people who deserve something more.

If you want to be the champion of holiday giving this year, there is only one person to look to for inspiration: the one and only Leslie Knope. Yes, she is fictional (allegedly), but her leadership will keep you out of the doghouse this holiday season. If you follow Leslie’s example, you’ll bring a little cheer to those you love (and also win Christmas, which is really what it’s all about).

1. Put A Little Thought Into It


As the 12 days of Christmas are almost at twelve drummers drumming, this may be a fool’s errand at this point. However, in future years, if you’re willing to play the long game, it almost always pays off. A specialized portrait of April finally slaying the Black Eyed Peas is not something you can just pick up the weekend before Christmas.

Careful planning can help avoid the end of the year panic that comes with gift-giving. The official shopping season usually begins sometime around Black Friday, but there aren’t any rules against starting a little earlier if you find something perfect. Leslie would probably suggest some kind of binder system if you’re worried about the organizational chaos that might come from starting earlier and going into deep research mode to find the perfect gift, but that’s really an individual choice.

2. Get Personal


There is always that temptation to get something that you, yourself, would enjoy. Fight this urge. A one-size-fits-all approach to the holidays will leave you unfulfilled and your recipients a little disappointed. While she loves them (almost) equally, Leslie would never get Ben or Anne the same gift. Much like a wand picks a wizard in Harry Potter, a gift has to pick the person.

A little research into their likes and dislikes will get you a long way. Yes, you could get them a gift basket of some kind or a sturdy pair of socks (Jerry sure loves them), but where is the emotional flair? Do you want to give the gift that is so awesome it will even dominate the conversation next Christmas? Yeah. You do. Doing a little legwork will get you there.