Adam Sandler Is Here To Save This Year’s Tricks And Treats With Netflix’s ‘Hubie Halloween’ Trailer

You may have heard that Halloween has sort-of been cancelled this year. Talks are ongoing. Gatherings are bad. We know this, and one more thing is super clear: staying home to stream an Adam Sandler Netflix film is a lot safer than what’s outside, and on that note, he’s helping us out. Also, the Sandman delivered on his promise-threat (to pretty much make the opposite of Uncut Gems) after not scoring an Oscar nomination.

So, we’ve got Sandler returning to his wonderfully absurd roots to play a very unlikely hero in Hubie Halloween, which features him as an obsessive defender of Halloween safety. However, Hubie becomes embroiled in real murder investigation during his annual pursuits, and yup, this movie looks blissfully ridiculous in the fine Adam Sandler tradition of Happy Madison movies. From the synopsis:

Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) thanklessly spends every Halloween making sure the residents of his hometown, Salem, celebrate safely and play by the rules. But this year, an escaped criminal and a mysterious new neighbor have Hubie on high alert. When people start disappearing, it’s up to Hubie to convince the police (Kevin James, Kenan Thompson) and townsfolk that the monsters are real, and only he can stop them.

Also starring Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph, Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider, Kenan Thompson, Ray Liotta, and Noah Schnapp, Hubie Halloween streams on October 7.