‘Agent Carter’ Has Found Its Villain For Season Two

In season one of ABC’s Marvel’s Possessive’s Agent Carter, Peggy Carter battled sexism, boarding house landlords, and more sexism. There will be presumably more of that in season two — now in Hollywood! — but, according to producers Tara Butters and Chris Dingess, she’ll also be pitted against Madame Masque, Iron Man’s sometimes lover, sometimes enemy.

Are there any Marvel villains exclusively from the ‘40s you have access to?

Tara: Here’s the thing. It’s a little hard. In the comic books, a lot of the Marvel period, there are issue rights. Our villain from the season [Madame Masque] is very much a Marvel villain that we co-opted a little bit like we did Dr. Fennhoff in the first season.

Chris: It’s a ‘40s version of that villain. (Via)

They’re not allowed to say who got picked to play Madame Masque yet, but we do know that she’ll be portrayed as a Tinseltown star. “Very Hedy Lamarr,” according to Tara, who adds, “She was a ‘40s siren actress who was also a scientific genius, so that’s part of what we’re mining with this character.” Yeah, but is she any good at lip-syncing?

(Via /Film)