‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Is Adding A New ‘Inhuman’ Villain From The Pages Of Marvel Comics

With the Secret Warriors joining up on season three of Agents of SHIELD, they’re going to need some more super powered villains to battle. Enter Lash, one of Marvel’s characters from the ongoing Inhuman comic series and the newest baddie for Agent Coulson and his team to face. The reveal came from Jeph Loeb at the Agents Of SHIELD panel according to EW, and it seems like Lash is going to be playing Predator of sorts with the other Inhumans on the show:

In the comics, Lash acted as judge, jury and executioner when it came to newly transformed Inhumans, taking it upon himself to decide whether they were indeed worthy of going through terrigenesis. It seems likely that he’ll be tracking down the new Inhumans turned by Terrigen crystal-tainted fish oil pills, though it’s unconfirmed whether he will be friend or foe on the series.

Will he be one of the shadowy leaders that Jiaying talked about on the show, attempting to keep her power going with the new recruits while following the rules, or will he go rogue? We’ll find out in September, I guess, and hopefully it won’t be disappointing (it’ll probably be disappointing). With the Secret Warriors announcement and then this, I get a feeling that SHIELD is going to turn into the show that attempts to compete with DC’s TV slate over on the CW. That’s a bad idea.

(Via EW)