Alec Baldwin Is Near Perfect As A Creepy, Disgraced Bill O’Reilly On ‘SNL’

If we had to take votes, I’d cast mine for Alec Baldwin’s Bill O’Reilly impression as the best of this SNL season. He might’ve made quite a splash as Donald Trump, but everybody has a Trump at this point. O’Reilly is a little tougher to do the right way and Baldwin manages to capture him at his lowest point here. You wouldn’t know it from Bill’s mannerisms, but it is pretty clear from how everybody else is treating him throughout. It’s a nice way to address what is currently plaguing the Fox News host and his long-running show.

The show covers O’Reilly’s fleeing advertisers — getting in a depressing shot at CHiPs in the process — and how some of his female co-workers seem to feel about working alongside him, but the real jewel is when Baldwin ends up going against himself as Donald Trump. Trump is the only one who supports O’Reilly it seems, even if his ratings are probably making Fox News pretty happy at the moment. They’re not going to be happy about that dog cocaine spot, though.

It’s a shame that Baldwin might be done with his SNL appearances after this season because this is one of the best things to happen next to Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer. That’s all based on a series of hunches, nothing concrete.

(Via SNL)