That Time Alex Trebek Ate Hash Brownies And Stayed In Bed All Weekend

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Alex Trebek Visits FOX News' "The Five"

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When he’s not too busy showing Aaron Rodgers his sweet dance moves on Jeopardy!, television game show host Alex Trebek sometimes does time as a guest on other shows. The Canadian-American media personality stopped by the Howard Stern Show on Monday to chat with the renowned shock jock. As you can imagine, the conversation took a wild turn when Stern prodded Trebek about his wild side — or at least whether or not he has one.

Turns out he does, since High Times was quick to note Trebek’s story about the first and only time he ever ate hash brownies and spent the entire weekend at a stranger’s house as a result.

“I went to this party at a home in Malibu and I didn’t know the people who were hosting the party and they had hash brownies,” Trebek said. “I love chocolate, and I ate four or five hash brownies. The party was on a Friday night… I didn’t leave their home until Monday morning.”

Trebek also mentioned the one and only time he tried cocaine, which a former accountant of his suggested he give a shot at a party in the ’80s. (Of course it was his accountant that used cocaine in the ’80s.) Despite the admissions, however, Trebek quickly swept away the possibility of his ever trying recreational drugs again.

After assuring Stern that the story was no exaggeration, the iconic game show host went on a strange diatribe against drug use, calling drugs “highly overrated” and wondering why people would choose to do them.

So does this mean “Edibles” will be a category on an episode of Jeopardy! next week? A “Daily Double,” perhaps? I’d bet good money Ken Jennings wouldn’t get any of the category’s questions right.

Check out the full clip from the Howard Stern Show below:


(Via High Times)

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