‘It’s Always Sunny’ Celebrates Its Thirteenth Season With A Creepy Teaser Clip For Friday The 13th

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will return on FXX on September 5th, coming back for the thirteenth season of heartless fun and scheming. It might look a little different with the absence of Glenn Howerton as Dennis Reynolds, at least at the start of the season, but it is still the same old show at the core. Plus Dennis is coming back. He has to.

Anyway, FXX released some new promotional art for the show in honor of Friday The 13th and followed it with a teaser that kept the creepy vibe going. Things don’t look good for the gang, at least not in that poster, but when do things ever look good for the gang. They’re always either breaking even, getting tossed back deeper into the gutter of society, or just ignoring any lessons they might’ve learned to continue being horrible people. Over a decade of it!

The teaser released with the promo art features members of the supporting cast sharing some horror stories, including The Waitress who seems to be the one stalking Charlie now after what happened in the season twelve finale. Also nice to see Bill Ponderosa is still kicking around and hasn’t had his heart explode after some sort of mixture featuring cocaine and bathroom cleaner.

Should be a fun season.

(Via FXX)