The Latest Nightmare-Inducing ‘American Horror Story’ Teasers Feature A Creepy Doll And Terrifying Insects

With the premiere of American Horror Story less than two weeks away and the upcoming season still shrouded in mystery, FX has been releasing intentionally misleading (and maybe not so intentionally misleading) teasers just about every damn day at this point — proving that even though we don’t know what the heck it’s even about, it’s still possible to get American Horror Story fatigue before the season even airs. Having said that, I can confidently say that the latest two promos that came out this week, “Baby Face” (above) and “Backtrack” (below) likely have absolutely nothing to do with season six.

At least I hope not, anyway, because the first teaser, which zooms in on a doll’s face that opens its eyes and suddenly seems to come to life, with maybe some human parts, is one big heaping spoonful of nope. If there’s anything that the Twilight Zone, or the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or that Annabelle movie that I still have not seen and have no intention of seeing have taught us, it’s that scary puppets and dolls come to life are one of the creepiest horror tropes there is.

Moving on to “Backtrack,” the second teaser once again features creepy crawlers, this time with terrifying insects entering into a hole in the base of a person’s neck, which honestly is not much less unsettling than the doll thing. Tune in September 14 to finally find out what it all means.