After Cutting The Cord, A Majority Of Americans Wouldn’t Mind A Streaming ‘Bundle’ Where They Can Pick And Choose Services

As streaming services become the predominant source of entertainment to the point where you even parents dropped their cable package and bought a Roku, more and more Americans are becoming overwhelmed by the insane amount of options available. In fact, according to a new survey, over two-thirds of U.S. streaming customers would like some sort of “bundle” that ties all of their accounts together into kind of a… package, maybe? Yeah, that’s the word. Do they make something like that?

Jokes aside, yes, obviously, what we just described is a cable package, which Americans just abandoned in droves to jump on the streaming boom. But, now, it’s getting out of hand, and as the results of Nielsen’s first State of Play report shows, customers would like to be shackled again, please. If you don’t mind. Via The Wrap:

“The inaugural State of Play really underscores the fact that we’ve entered the next phase of streaming, based on the trends we have been detailing about streaming over the past few years,” Brian Fuhrer, SVP, Product Strategy, Nielsen, said in a statement. “We’ve moved from infancy into adolescence, and all the complexities that one would expect at that point. It’s not just that streaming is increasing year over year. Now consumers want access simplified and the explosion of services has renewed discussions around bundling and aggregation.”

As the report highlights, consumers have every reason to be overwhelmed. As of February 2022, there are now “817,000 unique program titles” to choose from as the average user is now juggling at least three to four streaming services. That’s a whole lot of content and passwords to remember. Wouldn’t it be a neat if there was a box where the shows just up without having to choose Netflix or whatever the heck Philo is? Can science make something like that?

(Via The Wrap)