Amy Schumer Defends Her Relationship With Kurt Metzger On ‘Charlie Rose’

Amy Schumer has condemned the actions of former Inside Amy Schumer writer Kurt Metzger, but said she still considers him a good friend.

On Twitter, Schumer released a clip from Friday’s interview with Charlie Rose where she addresses the recent backlash against her former writer. Schumer said she does not agree with his views on rape accusations, and that it’s hard for her to watch a friend “hurt themselves like this.”

Metzger received heavy criticism for his remarks on rape in a now-deleted Facebook post, prompting Schumer to say she was “disappointed” in her former staff writer on Twitter.

Schumer acknowledged that Metzger’s opinions had a tendency to be problematic during the show’s run. She said there were times when Metzger angered her and the other writers with his hyper-masculine opinions, and that she’s previously asked him to remove “crazy rants” from his Facebook page. But she added that’s exactly why she kept him around. She said she liked having the diversity of perspective, and it made the show stronger.

“We butt heads, we get in fights because he infuriates us,” Schumer said. “He is the most male, like the most out-there perspective possible.”

In the end, Schumer said she wants the conversation to be moved away from Metzger and onto the “real problem,” which is how rape culture permeates modern American culture. Schumer, a sexual assault survivor herself, said it’s more important to start an active dialogue on addressing rape culture, rather than focusing on one guy who clearly doesn’t get it.

(via Twitter)