And Now, News for Old Boring People

09.08.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

Larry King retired back in June, and ever since then the most-rumored name to replace him was “America’s Got Talent” judge Piers Morgan. Today, in news I can barely muster the energy to write about, Morgan was officially named King’s successor.

Morgan, a veteran journalist who hosts a popular interview program in Britain, will do a similar show for CNN. His selection as King’s replacement had been widely expected for the past few months.

Take the phrase “veteran journalist” with the largest possible grain of salt. Piers Morgan is a journalist in the same way that pond scum is “nature.” Let’s look at his highlights from being editor of the UK’s Daily Mirror:

In 2000, he was the subject of an investigation after [it was revealed] that he had bought £20,000 worth of shares in the computer company Viglen soon before the Mirror‘s ‘City Slickers’ column tipped Viglen as a good buy. Morgan was found by the Press Complaints Commission to have breached the Code of Conduct on financial journalism, but kept his job…

Morgan was fired from the Mirror on 14 May 2004 after authorising the newspaper’s publication of photographs allegedly showing Iraqi prisoners being abused by British Army soldiers from the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment. Within days the photographs were shown to be crude fakes. [Wikipedia]

But hey, he won “The Celebrity Apprentice.” In America, winning a reality show cancels out two decades of slipshod yellow journalism.

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