Andy Richter Lands The ‘Role Of A Lifetime’ In A New Super Bowl Ad For Mexican Avocados

There are some things that are just naturally associated with the Super Bowl: commercials, random surprise celebrity cameos, and chips and dip. Also sports, supposedly, but are people really watching for that? Andy Richter has perfectly encapsulated all three of those elements, as he stars in a new Super Bowl ad for Avocados From Mexico.

The comedian is dressed as none other than Julius Caesar in a new teaser before the big game. Armed with a heavy serving of guacamole (a game day essential), the Conan alum questions whether he can really take on his new role. After all, he’s not even Italian. But, as he states in the ad, it is a “role of a lifetime” for the actor, who famously starred in the classic film Madagascar, which could also be considered a role of a lifetime.

We’ll have to wait until game day, next Sunday, Feb. 13th, in order to see how Richter does in his role of the former Roman dictator, but if the teaser is any indication of his ability to play a Roman general…it’s not looking like he has a ton of confidence in himself. We believe in you, Andy. And so does your therapist!

Check out the teaser video above.