Anna Kendrick’s Cute Obsession With Red Pandas Is Borderline Mental

Anna Kendrick was on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, ostensibly to promote Into the Woods, but she could hardly talk about anything else other than her obsession with Red Pandas. On Christmas Day, while most folks were with their families opening presents, Kendrick visited the zoo in New York City, where she discovered Red Pandas — which are “like a fox and a racoon and bear and a dog and a cat,” or like every adorable animal in one — and now all she wants to do is sell out so she can afford to be the kind of person who owns a red panda.

If you’re curious as to why she’s so obsessed, this is a red panda.

Red Panda Cubs Unveiled At Taronga Zoo
Via Getty Images

And now you understand. Kendrick’s obsession with red pandas is not quite as mental as Kristen Bell’s obsession with sloths, but it’s very close.

Later in the clip, Kendrick also spoke about going back home recently and discovering a Southern bar in Portland, Maine that plays country music videos and serves drinks in red solo cups. I happen to be from the South and live in Portland, Maine, so this is basically the confluence of everything great about America. What she did not mention, however, is that the bar — which is called Bonfire — also serves FREE BACON during Happy Hour (as well as $3 cups of wine). Check it out if you’re in the area.

Source: Late Night With Seth Meyers