‘Archer’ Leaves ‘Dreamland’ Behind To Head To ‘Danger Island’ For Season 9

Archer will ditch the fedora and noir-soaked detective story of Season 8 for a fresh new locale. During the Archer panel at Comic-Con on Friday, creator Matt Thompson and the cast showcased Danger Island as the theme for the next season. This doesn’t mean we’ll be leaving the confines of Archer’s head to travel to some tropical island for pirate fun and adventure, probably with a lot of Most Dangerous Game references. Season nine would premiere some time in 2018 and could set the stage for the tenth and potentially final season of the show.

Danger Island will take place in 1939 according to Indiewire, bringing a lighter tone to the season in contrast to Dreamland:

“Last season, we loved it, but things got pretty dark, pretty fast,” Thompson said. “Adam Reed has been talking about doing something fun and just having a blast [this season]. There will be quicksand, cannibals, and super intelligent monkeys.”

Archer will be an eye patch clad seaplane pilot, with Pam as his co-pilot and a parrot named “Crackers” voiced by Lucky Yates. Jessica Walter will once again be Archer’s mother in the new locale, something that made her very happy during the Comic-Con panel:

“I am in Season 9, and I am his mother again,” Walter said. “There’s something about what she does to him as a mother that’s so vile because she’s his mother, as opposed to when he’s a stranger.”

Archer will still be a drunk, Lana will be an island princess, and nobody is willing to confirm that this will be part of Archer’s mind — even if it’s a little obvious. The sad bit is that Danger Island doesn’t mean a return to the Heart of Archness characters and story, with the possible return of Bucky. I’ll take a fun story with cannibals, but you gotta missed that little bucktoothed jackass.

(Via Indiewire)