Ashton Kutcher Had A Flustered Moment While Filming ‘That ’90s Show’: ‘I Literally Didn’t Know What Year I Was In’

With That ’90s Show now streaming on Netflix, the showrunners are opening up about bringing the original That ’70s Show cast back for the new spinoff. Two of those cast members, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, are currently married in real life, which added an extra layer of fun to their characters reuniting on screen. Or at least that was the intent.

According to co-creator Bonnie Turner, Kutcher immediately returned to his old habit of memorizing his lines in the Forman basement. While the actor was stoked to be back on the show, Kutcher had a bit of a freakout when he fell asleep on the basement couch. Via Buzzfeed:

“He said, ‘When I woke up, it was Mila standing over me, and I opened my eyes. I looked around and I was in the Forman basement with my wife staring up at the [lighting] grid, dressed as Jackie. It was the strangest feeling I’ve ever had. I literally didn’t know [what year] I was [in] for a minute,'” Bonnie recalled.

Having a terrifying moment of being lost in time aside, Kutcher was reportedly so game for coming back as Kelso that he constantly practiced his “Damn, Jackie” line delivery while at home with Kunis.

“I guess Ashton had kept all the old Kelso wardrobe. He was texting me pictures of him in Kelso’s old winter jacket. Then Ashton was sending me videos of him playfully annoying Mila by running around their house going, ‘Damn, Jackie,'” co-creator Gregg Mettler told Buzzfeed. “They were just very excited to return to a place that was so special for them.”

That ’90s Show Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

(Via Buzzfeed)