NoHo Hank Is The MVP Of The ‘Barry’ Season 4 (And Final Season) Trailer

Both Succession and Barry are ending this year. This puts a hole in HBO’s schedule — and a hole in my heart because it means I have only eight episodes of NoHo Hank left. The Chechen mobster played by Anthony Carrigan is Barry‘s secret weapon, a romantic goofball who is as bad at disguises as he is good at dancing.

And taking selfies.


That comes from the trailer for the fourth and final season, which you can watch above. Bill Hader’s Barry Berkman isn’t doing great behind bars (he’s screaming at himself in the mirror and to no one in the prison yard), but NoHo Hank has problems of his own to deal with. “Everything OK, mi amor?” his boyfriend Cristobal asks him. “Yeah, everything’s gonna be great,” NoHo Hank replies, but he does not sound convinced.

Hader explained his decison to end the show after season four in an interview with Variety. “I mean, a lot of people after last season were like, ‘Why are you doing another season? It should have just ended.’ But to me, there are still so many questions with the other characters, and with Barry — and there’s so many things unsaid,” he said. “What happens in season four is structurally radical in some ways, but it made sense for what I think the characters needed to go through, and what I think the whole show is always kind of headed towards.”

Barry returns to HBO on April 16th.