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Talk about EATING a dead horse! Wokka wokka

The always excellent Spencer Hall of The Sporting Blog interviewed “Man Vs. Wild” star Bear Grylls, and when Grylls wasn’t plugging his Dos Equis ad campaign, he shared some anecdotes from the recent Will Ferrell episode and a couple of fun little tidbits that we have yet to see on TV (that I know of, anyway):

[on eating a rat] I think part of the rat scene we did is that just because it looks horrible doesn’t mean it has to taste terrible. I caught this rat, found a bit of thyme amongst all these kind of weeds, and then cooked it up on the roof of the building and had a nice Dos Equis to wash it down with. The idea is that you can survive in style.

[on the most embarrassing parasite he’s had] I’ve had a few that have given me really bad diarrhea, just uncontrollable where you’re leaning over big cliff faces holding on with one hand and one foot and letting your trousers down and letting it go in free air. You’re thinking, “Is nothing sacred any longer, do you really have to film this?”

I guess it’s technically against the law to televise a man having massive diarrhea off a cliff into free air.  Which is a shame, because that would be F-CKING AMAZING to watch.  I mean, yes: of course it would be gross… but also spectacular — like if you blew up livestock with dynamite.  Although that’s probably illegal to show on TV, too.  Stupid FCC, ruining everything.

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