The 15 Best Stand-Up Specials On Netflix Right Now

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Last Updated: March 19th

The past few years have seen a rigorous expansion of comedy programming on streaming services of all shapes and sizes, but stand-up comedy is definitely getting its due after years of neglect. Hence why there are hundreds of titles in Netflix’s stand-up category. And while that seems like a lot, this total is constantly climbing with new licensing deals and private offerings being added on a regular basis. Even for budding comedy fans, there’s a lot of must-see specials to choose from.

To get acquainted with the burgeoning mix that Netflix includes with its streaming subscription, you can check out the 15 best stand-up specials currently available. These titles aren’t listed in any particular order, nor are they according to funniest stand-up, quality, duration, content or age. Rather, they’re meant to provide you with an adequate, inclusive representation of what’s available among the many other titles mentioned in the “Stand-up Comedy” category. Even so, they’re all really good and deserve enough of your time.

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Chris Rock, Tamborine

We haven’t heard from Chris Rock in a long time. Sure, the 53-year-old comedian was one of a handful of significant names who threw their hats into the Netflix ring in 2016, but Amy Schumer, Jerry Seinfeld, and Dave Chappelle have already debuted their specials. Rock, whose previous comedy special hit HBO ahead of Barack Obama’s first election win in 2008, has not. Or at least that was the case until Valentine’s Day, when Netflix finally revealed that the secretive Tamborine project was Rock’s first special with them. Not only is it one of his best stand-up hours to date, it’s also already on track to become 2018’s best special yet.

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Jen Kirkman, I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine)

When it comes to observational comedy, dating, relationships, weddings, divorce and the single life often take center stage. Many comics (celebrated and otherwise) have broached these topics over the years, but Jen Kirkman‘s 2015 Netflix special, I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) brilliantly spins all five into a beautiful bit of storytelling that’s rife with one-liners and devoid of mere complaints. The Chelsea Lately and Drunk History alum has been doing stand-up since the ’90s, though her career took off with several television appearances, acting gigs and writing stints during the early 2000s. She also has two other fantastic stand-up albums: Self Help and Hail to the Freaks.

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