Cinnabon Is Giving Away A Free Tasty Treat For The ‘Better Call Saul’ Series Finale

After The Queen’s Gambit premiered on Netflix, there was a 125 percent increase in purchases of chess sets. Cinnabon hasn’t revealed if the chain got an Anya Taylor-Joy-like boost in sales following the first Gene episode of Better Call Saul season six, but they sold at least one: me. And I’ll go again on August 15, the day of the series finale, when Cinnabon gives away a free treat in honor of the conclusion of the best show on TV.

That Monday, Better Call Saul fans (the haters are welcome, too) can get a free Center of the Roll, which is described as the “ooegy-gooey center of the brand’s classic cinnamon roll,” with the purchase of another Center of the Roll using the coupon code CALLSAUL through the Cinnabon app. (That same code can also be used for a free 30-day trial of AMC+.) Here’s how it works:

1. Open the Cinnabon app & sign into Cinnabon Rewards
2. Tap “Unlock a Code” and enter CALLSAUL

It’s funny how Cinnabon is forever synonymous with Better Call Saul because of a throwaway line from Breaking Bad: “If I’m lucky, a month from now – best-case scenario – I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.” I’m still waiting on Boyd Crowder’s Dairy Queen, though…

To find a Cinnabon, go to the nearest abandoned mall. Or check the website.