Bob Odenkirk Had A ‘Brain Fart’ And Clarified Which ‘Better Call Saul’ Episode Coincided With His Heart Attack

The entire final season of Better Call Saul has been a real “heart-stopper.” Literally for Bob Odenkirk, who collapsed on the set of the AMC series in July 2021. “I would have been dead if someone hadn’t immediately screamed and gotten someone there to give me CPR,” he said. “CPR saved my life.”

In a recent interview, Odenkirk claimed that he had the heart attack while filming episode nine, “Fun and Games,” but that’s not exactly true. It happened in episode eight, “Point and Shoot,” during the scene where Lalo instructs Jimmy then Kim to drive to Gus’ house and shoot him. “Episode nine is all stuff we shot after my heart attack, and in fact it is the first stuff I shot,” the Emmy nominee told EW. “The pick-up scenes [from episode eight] were not the first things we shot. So in my brain, I was like, ‘Wait a second, the first things I shot when I came back from the heart attack was nine.’ And that’s true.

The confusion, Odenkirk clarified, came from having a “different director. We had Michael Morris directing. We started in on that stuff. And then at some point in shooting that stuff, we stopped, Vince [Gilligan] came back and we picked up the final moments of the scene with me and Lalo and Kim. My brain just had a brain fart and I apologize to the world.” He joked that if you want to compare pre- and post-heart attack, “you’ll want to look at the scene with Kim and Jimmy, when Lalo was talking to them about the plan.”

The final season of Better Call Saul continues next Monday (with special guests?).

(Via EW)