The ‘Queer Eye’ Crew Boards Coach Steve’s Diaper Barge In The ‘Big Mouth’ Season 3 Trailer

Not only was Netflix’s Big Mouth renewed for a third season not long after its second debuted last fall, but Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s surreal animated take on the more wild and frenzied aspects of puberty was also renewed for an additional three seasons after that. Before all of that can come to pass, of course, we still need to see what the boys and girls of the New York City suburbs are up to (and with whom they’re doing it). Hence the new trailer for season three, which premieres October 4th.

As always, the short preview of things to come is likely hiding so much more that audiences won’t get to enjoy until the new episodes finally begin streaming. Even so, what is shown is so NFSW and balls-to-the-wall crazy that you probably shouldn’t be watching or reading this in public. From the opening bit with the game show Do The Things!!! (“everyone’s favorite game show where you rub [the host] until something awesome happens”), to Jason Mantzoukas’ Jay Bilzerian Hulking out and telling everyone at his school that he wants to “f*ck everyone,” it’s… a lot.

And then there’s the final bit with the cast of Netflix’s Queer Eye, which sees the Fab Five visiting the dilapidated diaper barge that Coach Steve (Kroll) calls home. It turns out that Steve’s preferred (and only) grooming method is a lonely, disgusting brush that grooming consultant Jonathan Van Ness immediately feels sorry for.

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