‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Has A Secret, Weird Ending If You Play It For Long Enough

01.05.19 6 months ago 4 Comments


The internet has been poring and obsessing over the Black Mirror movie/game Bandersnatch ever since it dropped just before the new year. But some have spent even more time with it than most. A handful of particularly thorough viewers/players watched/played it for so long, accessing every nook and cranny, that they actually found something few had: a secret ending with a wild easter egg.

This comes from three writers at The Wrap, who stuck with it for so long, exploring so many possible paths and endings, that Netflix finally gifted them with a surprise conclusion. It arrives after toying around with the business involving our hero’s elusive plush rabbit, which his father may have hidden (or which may simply be a delusion).

Eventually they were given the option to return to Stefan’s childhood, where they were offered a do-over: young Stefan join his mom on the late train, knowing full well that they both would perish in the accident that originally killed only her. If you click “yes,” it jumps to the present, where we see the 19-year-old Stefan has suddenly and mysteriously died in his therapist’s office. The credits roll.

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