‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast: Limits, Like Fear, Are Often An Illusion In Season 2, Episode 8

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s BMF episode will be found below.)

Each week for the ‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast series, we’ll recap the episode by looking at a few key things to see how they hurt Meech and Terry’s money-making goals and overall well-being. Each item will be marked as a profit or a loss, the former keeping them in the black and the latter pushing them into the red. Throughout the season, something that was once unprofitable could turn profitable, and vice versa, but we’ll have to wait and see what that might be.

Meech and Terry have taken big steps to put themselves in the position to be bosses in season two of BMF. Last week in episode seven “Both Sides Of The Fence,” we watched the Flenory boys make their way to St. Martin to strike up a deal with the Colombians to get 100 bricks of cocaine to sell in Detroit and beyond. That mission turned out to be more successful than they imagined as they ended up leaving the island with 300 bricks of cocaine on consignment.

In this week’s episode, “Push It To The Limit,” Meech and Terry are back in Detroit ready to live and move as the bosses they always dreamed of being. While Meech is in a celebratory mood, Terry reminds him that the true work for them is just starting, and soon enough, they get right to it. Meech heads to Cleveland to establish a new hub there now that he’s in the position to be a connect for other dealers. Terry stays in Detroit and looks for drivers to help him move the new product out of the city while instructing them on the ways that they can avoid being stopped and searched by the police. Elsewhere, Lucille catches on to Charles’ infidelity, Terry seems to make progress in his relationship with Markeisha, and sparks fly for Detectives Bryant and Jin, but their police work isn’t as magical.



Meech continues to be one step ahead of everyone in this week’s episode. After returning to Detroit and retrieving the cocaine that was left for him by the Colombians, Meech decides that his next move is to head out to Cleveland to establish a hub of sorts over there through a man named Bleek. Initially, things don’t go as smoothly as Meech would’ve liked with Bleek but that’s no worry to him. He’s quickly able to make some noise in Cleveland, and despite some pushback from Bleek’s crew, Meech is not only able to get them out of his way, but he’s also able to get Bleek on his side. Elsewhere, Meech is also able to finally track B-Mickie who explains why he’s been missing for some time. B-Mickie also tells Meech that Detective Bryant has the gun that he used to kill Jay Mo and Kato. Despite his moment of betrayal, Meech tries to help Mickie get the gun and later says that he’ll always have B-Mickie’s back — something that could be genuine or because getting rid of the gun would be beneficial to them both.



Charles can’t catch a break, but if we’re being honest, he’s brought it upon himself. In “Push It To The Limit,” Mabel ends up cutting things off with Charles after their time in a hotel room proved to be far less intimate than they imagined. Charles returns to Lucille at the roller rink, all for her to discover that he was at the hotel after a receipt fell out of his jacket. For what it’s worth, it’s kind of crazy that Charles wasted money on a hotel room with Mabel when the Flenory family certainly doesn’t have money to waste. Nonetheless, Lucille tells him off in front of everyone at the rink in what was an extremely embarrassing moment for him and the family. It’s more stress for the Flenorys that Meech and Terry don’t need to deal with, yet here we are.



Just like Meech, Terry was very sharp in this episode. While Meech was in Cleveland making moves with Bleek, Terry stayed put to find and instruct new drivers for BMF. Even through his instruction to the drivers, it was clear that he was, is, and will be an essential aspect of BMF going forward. Outside of the group, things seem to be going well with Markeisha nowadays. Her main concern with Terry was whether or not he’d be able to provide for her and her kids, and now that he’s in the position to be a connect and a boss, she’s sold on his ability to do so. They go shopping together, have dinner, and more. In Terry’s world, all is going well which makes it easier for him to be on his A-game and get things done for BMF.

Detectives Bryant & Jin


Detectives Bryant & Jin are more dead set than ever on taking down the Flenory brothers. Their previous attempts haven’t worked so well, so they’ve now resorted to attacking the brothers from the inside. After photographing Markeisha and Terry having sex, Bryant and Jin took the photos to Wanda with the hope that it would frustrate her so much into ratting the duo out. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out too well for them as Wanda told them to stay away from her family going forward. Though this is an early win for BMF, it’s proof that Bryant and Jin will go to whatever lengths necessary to take down Meech and Terry. Now, that Meech is aware that Bryant has the gun B-Mickie used to kill Jay Mo and Kato, he and Terry will have to be more careful than they’ve already been



At the beginning of “Push It To The Limit,” Meech and Terry are informed that K-9 was arrested by the feds in Los Angeles. This news seemed to be too good to be true, but sure enough, it got confirmed when Detectives Bryant and Jin’s new boss announced it to them and the rest of the force. This is a big win for Meech and Terry. While K-9 wasn’t going to interfere with their work, it removes another competitor for the Flenory brothers in the local market. That means K-9’s former consumer base will now look to BMF to buy their drugs from. Sure, that puts a new target on their back, but it isn’t something that Meech and Terry can’t handle, especially 300 bricks of cocaine to their name now. Meech and Terry always wanted to be the top dogs, and now they can be, we’ll just have to see how it plays out in the last two episodes of season two.

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