Zach Braff And Donald Faison Paid Tribute To The Late Sam Lloyd On Their ‘Scrubs’ Podcast

As we reported late last week, Sam Lloyd — who played the lovable, down-in-the-dumps lawyer Ted on Scrubspassed away after a long battle with cancer. It’s another coincidence (an unfortunate one, this time) for Zach Braff and Donald Faison’s new Scrubs rewatch podcast, Fake Doctors, Real Friends, about a sitcom that keeps dovetailing with our reality.

Zach Braff, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, and others paid tribute to Lloyd on social media on Saturday after learning about Lloyd’s passing. Meanwhile, in Braff and Faison’s first podcast episode since the news broke, the two devoted the first few minutes to Sam Lloyd.

“Sam Lloyd, who plays Ted the lawyer on our show, has passed away,” Faison began. “For me this is really heartbreaking. Sam was a very, very amazing person. He was a part of a band called The Blanks, and I remember realizing that Sam wasn’t just a really funny actor. He was a really talented singer. He was a very good basketball player. He was also a good friend.”

“He was the nicest man I think I have ever met,” Braff added. “He was so sweet and kind, and he just loved to laugh. He would come on, and he would play that super nerdy lawyer character, but we would all just crack up so hard with Sam.”

Despite appearances, Lloyd was also an “amazing” basketball player.

“I used to play in a league [for actors],” Faison added. “I would try to recruit Sam every Sunday to play for my team, but he would say, ‘No, because the Patriots are playing, and I can’t miss the Patriots.’ I always thought he could be such a secret weapon, because no one would have expected that Sam Lloyd could play basketball that well. He was an assassin on the court. A killer on the court.”

Braff also mentioned that, like his character on Scrubs, he found true love later in life, and that he had just had a baby. Before passing, Lloyd was able to be with his son on his first birthday.

“We love him, and we know the fans do, as well,” Braff added, directing listeners to the GoFundMe page devoted to raising money to help care for Lloyd’s wife and son after Lloyd’s death.

Source: Fake Doctors, Real Friends