A ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Confirms That He’s Not In The Movie, But Shares Where His Character Is Now


A Breaking Bad movie is happening and it’s coming to Netflix. That much we know. Everything else — the plot, the cast, the menu of the craft services breakfast — is being kept under wraps, officially. But more talkative members of the show’s cast have been dropping hints about what to expect. Aaron Paul noted that the movie “has to star Jesse” and not Walt, for obvious reasons, while RJ Mitte (Walt, Jr.) recently told the Wrap that he’s “not a part of” the film.

He did, however, share what “Flynn” is up to these days:

“Walt escapes capture, Jesse came back to Walt after the whole shootout, Walt and Jesse disappear for five years, and Walt Jr. is still living with his sister, almost in like DEA housing. Then Walt Jr. pretty much joins the DEA and is hunting after his father. He kind of takes Hank’s role where Hank left off. My idea is that he’s trying to go out, find what happened to Hank and go after Jesse and Walt.”

Mitte’s pitch assumes that Walt not only survived the events of the series finale (he didn’t… or did he), but that he also escaped the authorities and was able to patch things up with Jesse, the same Jesse whose girlfriend he could saved from choking on her vomit, “but I didn’t.” Maybe Walt and Jesse are in couples counseling for the five years they’re on the lam? Honestly, I would watch that.

(Via the Wrap)

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