Bret Michaels Has a Hole in His Heart…

09.23.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

If you’re in a celebrity death pool, you REALLY need to consider adding Bret Michaels to your team. This year alone, the 47-year-old diabetic has had complications from an appendectomy, a severe brain hemorrhage, and a “warning stroke.” And now he’s scheduled to have surgery for a hole in his heart.

The Poison frontman is now scheduled to go under the knife in January to repair a defect in his heart, his publicist tells E! News. “It’s for the hole in his heart,” his rep said. “I don’t know any specifics.”

During his spring residency in the hospital, doctors discovered that the bandana-wearing rocker/reality star had a “patent foramen ovale,” a hole in the heart that had nothing to do with the stroke he suffered but was something he’s had since birth that is “operable and treatable.” [MSNBC]

In a related story, Michaels gathered the women from “Rock of Love” and sang, “There’s a sore and a wart that can only be caused by you.”

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