Brett Goldstein Went Full Roy Kent In His Reaction To The Emmy Nomination For ‘Ted Lasso’

After Ted Lasso scored an impressive 20 Emmy nominations, the highest ever for a freshman comedy series, one of the show’s stars fired off a response that perfectly matched his role on the show. While responding to the news that he’s been nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series along with three of his co-stars (and, of course, a Best Lead Actor nod for Jason Sudeikis), British actor Brett Goldstein wrote a charming, profanity-laced email that would’ve been right at home coming from his veteran footballer character, Roy Kent.

Goldstein’s email was shared by Vanity Fair editor Katey Rich, who noted that reactions to Emmy nods are “pretty blah,” but this one was a notable exception. Via Twitter:

“Holy f***ing s***. What an incredible honor. Proper dream come true s***.

Every part of this show has felt like magic to me. To have the privilege to work on it, to get to make something with this incredible team and now for us to be nominated as a team is just too lovely. Extra special tahnks to Jason and Bill for inviting me to be part of this. What a thing…

As a cynical English guy I’m struggling to deal with all this wonderfulness. I’m not crying, you’re crying. F*** off! You’re crying. You ****.”

If you haven’t watched the now Emmy-nominated series, the first season of Ted Lasso is available to stream on Apple TV+, and new episodes will start arriving July 23 when the second season premieres.

(Via Katey Rich on Twitter)