Of Course Brian Cox Hasn’t Watched That Bombshell ‘Succession’ Finale, Partly Because He Doesn’t ‘Cling Onto Things’

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the final season of Succession.

Some actors, like Samuel L. Jackson, love watching themselves on-screen and get really excited about their work. Others treat it more clinically. Are you surprised that Brian Cox — hater of Method-esque acting and freethinker who speaks his mind — is of the latter category? And are you shocked to learn that the beloved thespian, who didn’t enjoy that his Succession character Logan Roy kicked the bucket prematurely into its final season, hasn’t even watched the show’s final episode?

“I’ve never liked watching myself,” Cox said in a recent interview with BBC (as caught by Insider). “Somehow or other, because of what happened to Logan, I’ve been disinclined to watch.”

Besides, it’s not like he’d be shocked by what occurred. “I knew how it was going to end because I knew that Logan had already set it up, and so I gather that ultimately, in the end, Logan’s won through even though he’s in the grave,” he said.

“It’s a strange situation,” explained Cox. “I don’t cling onto things. When I’m over, it’s over, and I go on.”

Cox may not know everything about what went down, but he’s heard everyone “rightly got their just desserts in the end.”

Succession streams on the service now known as Max.

(Via BBC and Insider)