Bud Bundy Explains Norwegian ‘Let It Be’ Video

12.06.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

Former “Married With Children” actor David Faustino was one of a litany of minor celebrities and cultural footnotes from the ’80s and early ’90s featured in the delightfully bizarre version of “Let It Be” that cropped up on the Intarwebs late last week. Beyond the obvious question of why an incredibly random assemblage of obscure has-beens singing a schmaltzy song can bring joy to even the most downtrodden of souls is the matter of how exactly this Norwegian television program was able to make it happen seemingly without notice.

I just figured it was the obvious answer: that Norwegians exert complete control of the banks and the entertainment industry, but apparently they they took a more roundabout way to make this particular video happen. Says Bud:

“It was just one of those things that happened on the red carpet at some event, where a camera crew nabbed random, extremely gullible celebrities — apparently like myself — and asked them for an interview,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. Faustino adds that the singing portion was presented at the end. “They were, like, ‘We’re putting this video together and it’s for charity,’ ” he says. “At least I remember I THOUGHT I was doing something good for somebody.”

As for whether his participation was obtained under false pretenses? Says Faustino: “Oh well. Live and learn. F*ck it. Let it Be.”

That’s the kind of devil-may-care attitude I remember from Grandmaster B. Good to see that time and irrelevance haven’t softened him after all. Maybe he can drop a few bars in the next video those sneaky Norse folk release.

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