Tiffany Haddish And Kate McKinnon Have To Contend With Some Unruly Cats In A Very Hectic ‘SNL’ Sketch

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Live animals (and the occasional live human guest) have a special way of highlighting the Live part of Saturday Night Live. That’s always the case when Kate McKinnon’s recurring cat rescue/giveaway segment Whiskers R We makes its way back on the show.

The latest installment featured host Tiffany Haddish (who did a bang-up job on Saturday) as McKinnon’s co-host/handsy lover in the delightfully chaotic sketch. If you’re familiar with the format, you know what you’re in for: Cats with unusual backgrounds (like believing they are Darth Vader), McKinnon getting felt up during the sales pitch and the bulk of the feline co-stars not always behaving like angels. Heck, at one point a cat named Toby tries to break free of McKinnon’s embrace.

“This is Bella,” shares McKinnon as she introduces the leadoff star of the Whiskers R We Feline-Up. “She’s from Colorado. You can tell because she likes to smoke reefer.”

“She says it’s for her CAT-aracts!” adds Haddish.

It’s funny, hectic and the sort of sketch where part of the fun is hearing the audience react with nervous anticipation whenever a cat co-star pops up onscreen.

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