Chris Hemsworth Made A Surprising Appearance, Of Sorts, In A Particularly Popular Episode Of ‘Loki’

Everyone loved the penultimate episode of Loki. It was the one where we met several “variants” of Tom Hiddleston’s anti-hero deity. There was Boastful Loki, President Loki, Kid Loki, even a Classic Loki, played by no less than Richard E. Grant. There was even an Alligator Loki. And there was a “Throg,” who was a frog version of Loki’s adopted brother Thor. And if the one thing he said sounded like it came from a familiar voice, that’s because it did.

In a recent appearance on the podcast For All Nerds, as caught by Entertainment Weekly, series director Kate Herron revealed that the frog version of Thor was indeed voiced by Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. Mind you, Throg didn’t say much. We heard him say “Ahhh,” and that was it. But eagle-eared viewers may have caught that it came from no less than the star of Michael Mann’s Blackhat.

It’s one of a ton of Easter Eggs crammed into the fifth episode, which kept Marvel heads busy trying to find and/or decode them. There was the Thanos coptor. There was the reunion of Loki and Mobius (or “Lokius,” as they’ve been dubbed). And there were a lot of horn headpieces. And there’s still one more episode left, dropping on Disney+ on the 14th.

(Via EW)