Colbert’s ‘Our Cartoon President’ Popped By The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Michelle Wolf was not f*cking around when she eviscerated President Donald Trump, his administration and everyone else in D.C. and beyond complicit in the continued existence of America’s most embarrassing presidency on Saturday night. Naturally, torches and pitchforks were out for Wolf making fun of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ lies and smokey eyes, because you have to have government clearance to mock someone the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. (Maybe she should have made fun of disabled journalists instead.) With all the hullabaloo about Wolf taking aim at the Trump administration, as well as the news media for profiting off this freak show with serious domestic and international stakes, a Stephen Colbert affiliated gentle jab at the President of the United States went largely unnoticed.

The animated Late Show spinoff Our Cartoon President made an appearance at the event with the cartoon Trump subbing in for the IRL version who has avoided the Correspondents’ Dinner two years running. Unlike Wolf’s roasting, this clip created for the WHCD is far less pointed in its criticism and instead stays in its wheelhouse of presenting the Trump White House as a silly semi-cuddly satire. Think less “Flint still doesn’t have clean water,” more gentle ribbing about Trump not being a fan of the press. In this animated version of things, Trump is game to attend the WHCD. He just has a few conditions.

“I’m in!” declares cartoon Trump in the short. “But only under the following conditions: someone tranquilizes Jim Acosta, I get two scoops of ice scream big enough to bend a shovel and I can use Jeff Bezos as my napkin.”

Come for the cartoon goofs, stay for the musical number at the end. A whole host of familiar (animated) faces make an appearance if you do.