Conan Fights Back Tears While Being ‘Manscaped’ In The Middle Of An Interview

Kristen Chenoweth was very grabby during her Tuesday appearance on Conan and apparently this is a normal thing for her and her male friends. The term ‘manscaping’ apparently means many different things to people, depending on who they are chatting with. Anybody caught seriously using it should probably be flogged, but we’ll it slide because it leads to a pretty damn funny bit with Conan.

Chenoweth decides to give Coco’s eyes a bit more room to breathe and takes a pair of tweezers to his eye brows. Conan provides a running commentary throughout and actually starts to tear up and cry (his words). There’s no emotion present and nobody brought up a dead dog or Brian’s Song, so they’re no “real” tears. There is a discharge from his eyes, though, and Chenoweth’s tweezing is likely to blame.

Luckily Conan is broadcast in HD, so we get to see it all up close and wrinkly.

(Via Team Coco)